Best places for shisha in Doha


One of the most common relaxing activities in Doha is shisha. Spending a few hours with friends on a terrace or in a fancy establishment smoking and having some drinks after dinner, is a great way to not only relax but socialize with people. Shisha in Doha is easy to find, many places offer it, you can find it at almost all the bars but there are a few places where the selection is a bit more select and the atmosphere a bit more luxurious that the average bar.

One of these amazing places is the Shisha Terrace that opened at the Four Seasons Hotel in Doha. “We are very excited to introduce Shisha Terrace to travelers and residents alike to experience an authentic taste of Doha.Between the debut of Shisha Terrace and the highly anticipated opening of Nobu Doha, our food and beverage offerings continue to present the very best in Doha – from exquisite cuisine and modern settings to our passion for service, guests will truly experience a unique and authentic experience found nowhere else.” says Rami Sayess, Regional Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Doha. This place is very stylish, beautifully decorated and truly a great place for shisha and interesting selection of Arabic drinks if you are looking for luxurious establishment to speng your evening. It is opened every day from 12:00 noon to 2:00 am.Four Seasons Hotel Doha Opens Shisha TerraceOrient Pearl Doha is situated at the Cornish of Doha and you can enjoy delicious cuisine and one of the best selection of shisha in the city while admiring the sea vie from your table. A great place for a romantic dinner. Orient pearlShisha Garden at  La Cigale Hotel, Sadd, Doha is a green paradise. The wooden chairs and tables are combined with green plants and earthly tones that will make you feel like in a luxurious garden. This place serves delicious Lebanese food, they have a gourmet selection of Arabic coffee and tea and of course the smell of aromatic shisha in the air. A beautiful place, perfect for relaxing and hanging out with friends and family.  Shisha-Garden-Bar-BQ-sectionAl Wanis Shisha Terrace at The Ritz Carlton in West Bay Lagoon is another great place for shisha in Doha. It’s a beautiful terrace with an amazing view of the resort and the Arabian golf. This terrace is great for relaxation under the starry sky with your loved ones and some savory shisha. Ritz_SharqVillage_00109_1220x520