Best cities for gourmet food

Some of the best cities that you need to visit if you love fine food.


Whenever you take a trip in a new city or new country, one of the highlights of the trip is the food. Some people even have it as a main priority. If you enjoy gourmet and like to try out different kinds of high end, exotic foods, these cities are ideal for that.

London, UK. The city where two of the most famous chefs in the world can be found: Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. London has some delicious traditional dishes but also as a result of the colonization, you can find here a variety of international cuisine, from Chinese to Middle Eastern. Probably the most posh restaurant in London is the one called Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, it has 3 Michelin stars and it’s always full. Gordon Ramsay in ChelseaParis, France. The city of love and delicious foods. Renown for the amazing pastry, wine and cheese. You can find some other exclusive delicacies like foie gras and caviar. It’s also home of Alain Ducasse and Joel Robuchon, two very respected chefs.parisienne foodTokyo, Japan. Tokyo has over 160,000 restaurants and among them are hundreds with Michelin stars. Here the influence of other international foods is not so present and you can mostly find traditional specialties. And with such a huge number of restaurants, it’s really not difficult to find some amazing gourmet foods. Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the best sea food markets in the world and definitely worth a visit, Kozue and Mikawa Zezankyo are just two of the finest restaurants in Tokyo specialized in sushi and sea food in sushiBarcelona, Spain. A beautiful city filled with numerous cafes and restaurants. It has a colorful traditional cuisine with international influences like French and Sicilian. Its specialties are revolving Mediterranean cuisine and include sea food and different kinds of meats. Ferran Adria is Barcelona’s best chef and him and his brother have five restaurants in the city where you can find some unique dishes. barcelona traditional foodNew York, USA. New York is the best city to go to if you want some really good and diverse food. Because its such a multicultural city, all the flavors from all over the world are gathered here. With 20,000 restaurants and specialties from pizza, hot dogs, cheesecakes, clam chowder to pastas and luxurious lobster. Among the popular high end restaurants we find Nobu, Le Cirque, Masa or Daniel.  new_york