Bentley Bentayga the Most exclusive SUV in the World

Check this new beauty and make your driving experiences more interesting!

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Finally the most luxurious, exclusive and powerful SUV in the world can be admired by anyone.

After many years of waiting, Bentley has finally made public, information about  his new creation: Bentayga.

Bentley Bentayga the Most exclusive SUV in the World it is about power.

This is the first Sport Utility Vehicle created by Bentley, so it had to be perfect and it is. This car is the fastest, the most powerful, the most luxurious SUV on Earth, according to Crewe.

It can run with 300 km/h so yes it is the fastest. Bentayga has a W12 twin-turbo of 6.0 L, with 608 horse power and 900 Newton meters, connected with the wheels. The power is transmitted to all 4 wheels through an integral haulage system.

This is the process of reaching only 100 km/h, with immediately start, in only 4 seconds. Volkswagen also claims that this is the most economical engine with 12 cans from luxury segment so the numbers are worth mentioning: 12,8 l on 100 km in a mixed drive, with CO2 emissions of 292 g/km.

This SUV has 5,1 meters length and 2 meter breadth. It comes with felly of 20 inch diameters, dressed with Pirelli tires which hide ventilated brake discs with a diameter of 400 mm in the front and 390 mm on the back.


The interior of this car is absolutely incredible and it really defines luxury when talking about cars. It reflects opulence, it has high quality leather interior, elegantly interrupted by one of the sixth types of veneer and metal insertions. The front chairs beside having heat and ventilation functions they also have massage function which can be adjusted in 22 directions. And the infotainment system is represented by a screen with an 8 inch diagonal. The audio system, Naiv, can run 1.950 wati.

Why it is so eccentric? Because the carrier is endowed with covers and champagne fridge. The carrier is 430 L volume.

Next year they give the start at deliveries but in what concerns its price we need to wait a little longer.

Bentley Bentayga the Most exclusive SUV in the World is definitely a car which wealthy people will take into consideration for their collection.