Beautiful private islands owned by celebrities

Celebrities need their privacy and what can be more private that a private island.


Everybody loves vacationing in some exotic spot, sitting on the beach side, admiring the waves and maybe even enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars. There are many resorts that can offer you all this and more, but the truth is that noting compares with having your own private island.

Celebrities lead a very busy life with paparazzi constantly fallowing and bothering the and one of the best ways to gain their privacy back is with the purchase of an island. On a private island they can have the needed vacation with family and close friends and without any cameras. Many celebrities have bought island and some of them are just amazing paradises. Some use the island as personal getaways while others make their property open to the public in exchange of some serious cash.

Mel Gibson has an island that he bought in 2006 with $15 million, the island is called Mango Island and it’s located in Fiji. This piece of land is one of the largest private islands, it has 5,400 acres. With this size and location, the island would make a perfect resort but Mel Gibson has no such planes, instead he prefers to keep the land as natural  as possible and only goes there with family and very close friends. gibson-islandJohnny Depp purchased Little Hall Pond with $3.6 million. The Island has 45 acres and it’s in the Bahamas. The actor actually fell in love with the island after filming one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies there and decided he has to own the beautiful island. “I don’t think I’d ever seen any place so pure and beautiful. You can feel your pulse rate drop about 20 beats. It’s instant freedom.” said Johnny Deppjohnny-depp-800Celine Dion has an amazing mansion on her island. The island, Ile Gagnon is located along the Iles River in Quebec. The location offers some beautiful views and all the privacy that is needed. The e price for the luxurious property is listed at $25.4 million.Céline Dion _ maison _8920Leonardo DiCaprio has Blackadore Caye in Belize, the actor bought the 104 acre island back in 2005 with $1.75 million. The island is close to the Great Barrier Reef and has beautiful beaches that make it an ideal spot for a resort. DiCaprio actually plans on building a solar-powered eco-resort and the open the island for the public. He already talked to Four Seasons hotel for the upcoming project so hopefully we will see it happen very soon.

dicaprio islandDavid Copperfield owns four private islands in the Bahamas that are worth about $50 million. But the most famous island is Musha Cay, this island is actually a luxurious resort. Musha Cay can be rented entirely for $37,000 a night with a minimum of four nights stay. The island has five villas, a movie theater and it’s fully staffed with everything from personal chefs to butlers. David Copperfield