Arabian Eye Makeup

Discover the beauty of an Arabian Eye-makeup.

Arabian makeup

Us women love makeups and interesting looks that make us look more beautiful and bright. Arabian makeups are very dramatic and full of energy that really attracts attention. Women around the world use Arabian makeup when they go to a fancy party or meeting.

Arabian Eye Makeup has two secrets and those are two colors which must blend together. These two colors make a layer on top of another. Usually the colors used are golden, red, blue or black. Professionals also use a thick eyeliner because this is the item that gives drama to the makeup. Arab women often use eyelashes because add more femininity to their looks. Men are very attracted to this makeup because it’s more exotic and mysterious.

Your charm is even more present with such a makeup but make sure you own all the tools and the right ones. The most famous and demanded look nowadays is Egyptian eye makeup.


Let’s see how can you reach an Egyptian perfect eye makeup:

The first thing you have to do is covering up the dark circles under the eye. You must add a high-quality foundation or if you don’t have one, a concealer over the eye. After this you might want to use a corrector because it will hide the patchiness and your skin will look younger.

The second step is to use a golden eye shadow on the eye. A suitable brush is demanded for this. Now it’s time to apply a dark kohl inside the eye. Again, you need one of a good quality, take into account a Lakme kohl pencil.

Follow-up the eye shadow for which you need a flat brush. This is the best for having great results. Think about the most extravagant colors for a more intense look. Arab women use Lakme shade, after you did this apply a golden glitter over the eye.

If you want your make up to be perfect use Dark kajal or dark kohl for a ticker line on the upper and lower eye lash line. Remember that you want to have a dramatic eccentric makeup so use a liquid liner.

For a more exquisite makeup I recommend you a winged liner. Take the liner to a point at the outer eyes and you will manage to create a winged look. Mascara is very important so don’t forget about it and make sure you have a high-quality one. Remember to fill your eyebrows with a special eyebrow pencil. Arab women have them more dark and you need that tonality too.

After you managed to create this amazing makeup, make sure you use a beautiful classy lipstick. 

Dear ladies I hope you will have a fabulous makeup at the end of the session and you will wear it with grace and dignity.