Apple CarPlay

The Apple Play is the next step in automobile technology

apple carplay

If you like to drive and want to have easy control of your music and messages but at the same time be safe, Apple has the solution for you. The future of in-dash technology is the new Apple CarPlay, this software allows to use you iPhone in your car. Siri will be your copilot and he will help you enjoy a smooth and safe ride.

Apple CarPlay was announced in 2013 and was launched in March 2014 and now in 2015 more car makers are starting to include the software in their new models. Some of the cars that have built in Apple CarPlay are the Ferrari FF, that was actually the first car to have the software in 2014, the Hyundai Sonata, Corvette Stingray, Volvo XC90 and many more. It seams like it starting to gain popularity and the users are happy with the product.

With the Apple CarPlay you only have to plug in your iPhone 5 or the newer versions and you will see in the screen of your dash board the iOS interface. From here you can control music, maps and messages. It is a smart way to further integrate the iPhone in our lives. This also comes as a prevention for accidents related to mobile phone usage by reducing the distraction of checking your phone while driving.

One of the features of the software is the Maps, Apple Maps with an improved version, will get you from point A to point B by giving you the best rout. You tape in the address and follow the navigation instructions. It will also give you warnings about the speed limit and other legal traffic information. Very similar to Google Maps but still debatable on which one is better.

Another function is the music. CarPlay supports a lot of third-party music apps and you have all the commands on your screen. You can just ask Siri to play the song that you want, the album or your favorite artist.

Only with CarPlay you can send messages to your loved ones in the safest way possible. With iMessages you will receive a notification and the name of the person who is sending you the message will appear on the screen for almost 10 seconds. When you tap on the screen Siri will read you the message so that you keep remaining with your eyes on the road. You can also dictate a response message and Siri will write it and even read it to you before sending it.	apple carplay 2Apple CarPlay is definitely here to stay and it will increase in popularity as times passes, more and more cars will use it and we hope that we will see improvements on the road regarding safety on a larger scale as well.