Beautiful Women from Arab World

This world is full of beauties!

beautiful Arab women

In some previous article we saw who is the most beautiful woman in the world and who follows her but now it’s time to meet some of the most amazing beautiful women from Arab World.

We know now, that Arab women impress with their natural beauty which doesn’t need too much make up let’s see who are these fabulous women.

The fifth most beautiful Arab woman is known as Valerie Dominguez. She was born in Barranquilla, being a descent of Syrian and Lebanese this beautiful Arab woman was crowned Miss Colombia back in 2005. At the Miss Universe 2006 she represented Colombia and she managed to be in the top 10 finalists. When you see Valerie you realize why she is this article speaking of beautiful Arab women. She is now an actress playing in a Colombian telenovela El Ultimo Matrimonia Feliz. Valerie is the cousin of Shakira.


The next beauty of Arab world is Leila Bekhti now a famous French actress, played a role in 2006 in the movie je t’aime where she was a lovely Muslim girl named Zarka. She is an Algerian descent and she really wants to show the world her powers. She played in a movie, Un prophete, which won the Grand Jury price at Cannes Film Festival and it is on its way to the Oscar. Leila is definitely the face of the movie and all the magazines will die for a picture with her.


Yamila Diaz-Rahi is the third most beautiful Arab woman who will really impress you with her features. This splendid woman was born in Buenas Aires, a descent of Lebanese and Spanish. She was discovered in Uruguay in 1996 by a talent scout. She had a modeling career and she studied economics in Argentina. She has a history on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour and Elle. This is not all, Yamilla was the first Latina spokenmodel for Cover Girl and she is famous for working with Victoria’s Secret and for her 8 appearances in Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue. Her features reflect Arabian natural beauty: dark hair, full lips and fit body she is an Arab work of art.


This nest cutie named Hoda Fadel she really makes Arab people proud. She is a Lebanese model, entrepreneur and broadcaster. In 2008 she hosted Ghazl El Banat ( aka Candy Girls) for Rotana Music TV. She is the cute lovely girl whom you want to ask her out. She is a party girls having a reputation of a club girl, she even dances topless in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada at Burning Man ’09. Her older sister Fida also has a model career but it’s not that glamorous as her sister Hoda.


And the most beautiful Arab woman is a 39 year old mother being of the hottest women from Arab World. Rania Al Abdullah, the queen of Jordan, is a lady who makes you remember her forever. She really is of such a beauty that takes your breath away and she is not only appearances but she’s also very intelligent, and passionate about philanthropy. She fights for education reform in her killer royal heinie.