Aladdin City in Dubai to be build next year

Dubai has managed once again to surprise the whole world with this ambitious project scheduled to start in 2016

Aladdin City in Dubai

Dubai has some of the most impressive buildings in the UAE and it never stops to amaze its inhabitants and tourists with new big projects every few years. 2 examples of such projects are The Dubai Frame, a 150-metre-high structure is scheduled to open this year and the Dubai Eye, which is supposed to be the world’s largest Ferris wheel will be open in 2018. This time the new venture is Aladdin City, a massive and very ambitious project that will start its construction the next year. The plans have been released to the public in April and it feels like everybody is waiting for the fairy tale building to be ready. aladin-city-in-dubai

Aladdin City in Dubai will be build on a 4,000-acre space that will be suspended over the Dubai Creek. It will have golden towers that will look like genie lamps, these giant lamps will be connected with massive golden bridges, all this above the creek so that the impact on the environment will be minimal. The Dubai Creek will be named a UNESCO World Heritage site given the tradition of the area so the area will remain functional.

‘We plan to start work on the project next year; we have our own funds to finance the project,’ director-general Hussain Nasser Lootah

The whole concept is inspired by the famous story of Aladdin from the Middle Eastern folk tale The Arabian Nights but made famous through Disney. The six towers will look like giant lamps that will remind you of the fairy tale, these towers will be golden and they will shimmer in the sunlight.

The building will have commercial spaces, office spaces, a hotel and a parking big enough to accommodate about 900 cars. The tallest tower will have 34 storeys and the whole construction will be spread along the Dubai Creek for 1,500 meters. The view from the towers and from the bridges will be a spectacular one, with the boats passing underneath the construction, the city in one side and the sea in the other.  Like a lake-house but much more luxurious. Aladdin City in Dubai2

This beautiful concept, the Aladdin City in Dubai, will be as a location from a Disney movie, filled with almost fantasy-like architecture that will attract a lot of tourists. ”The project aims to develop towers to be the icons of legends of the past with a touch of beauty and tourism characteristic of the city. It comes in the prime location of Dubai Creek maintaining the activities of the port heritage.” added Lootah.