Al Maya Island Beach Party

Sun, music, party, people, luxury drink, amazing experience, outstanding views, this is what Al Maya island beach party is all about.

Al Maya Island Party | Gulf Luxury

Even if you’re new in town you probably already heard about most distinguished pool in Abu Dhabi and if not it will probably be the first thing you hear about because it is famous and amazing. Even though it is very famous this location works as a remote island, and not every person is allowed to taste from its pleasures, the location is known to a few people, who are probably talking about it right now. No party is like here, from the minute 1 to the last breath you have, you dance and feel the energy given by the music, surroundings and people.
In order to feel all these experiences you need to catch a boat from a dock near to the Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana, you will enjoy a 20-minute walk over to Al Maya Resort where you will be impressed by an isolated place on an island off the coast of Corniche. When you arrive there, everything you see is at your service and you can fly on the wind of party.

If you want to hit the dance floor from the minute you arrive, do that because party is always on, and most of the finest DJs will be your dance leaders, we name here DJ-CJ or Dj Chris Harvey. If you are in the mood of swimming in the gigantic pool you will see there and have a drink in the middle of the pool, ordered from the swim-bar and make some new friends, you can also do that without thinking. Relax on a sun lounger, feel the haze, let sun tickle your skin or have a stylish drink.
Male, female everybody is going to the Al Maya poop parties, especially when the weather invites you to leave all your duties at home and party. Here it is about having fun, relaxing, enjoying everything. You don’t have to worry about prices because everyone who’s going there affords to have a special drink and to feel like the king of the dance floor.
You can also feel free to hire a changing room, which can be hired only with cash , so take into account this information.

Well, if you want to be treated with everything you need, is time for you to spend an afternoon at Al Maya pool party and become a part of it. For a day which you’ll never forget Al Maya party is the best choice.