Al Ain City Break

Find out the best places to visit and the best luxury hotels in Al Ain, the Garden City


The United Arab Emirates has a lot of beautiful cities to visit besides the famous Dubai and Abu Dhabi and if you like nature and want to see amazing mountains and some true oases in the middle of the desert, Al Ain is the place to be. You have nature and luxury hotels at a good price and a welcoming atmosphere.

Al Ain is located at 160 kilometers from Abu Dhabi and 120 kilometers from Dubai and you can get there by car, bus or plane. Also called The Garden City, it’s still developing a tourist base and it’s a popular weekend destination for people from larger cities that want to spend some time in a less humid place.

Tourists can find some interesting things to see in this beautiful city and one of them is the Al Ain Oasis, the biggest of the seven oases in the city. It has many palm threes and they are irrigated with an ancient system called falaj. Next to the oasis you can also find the  Al Ain National Museum and the Al Ain Palace Museum. The whole area being perfect for a walk in truly magical place that will make you forget that you are in a ain oasis Jebel Hafeet is the second tallest mountain in the United Arab Emirates, it has1,249 metres and offers a beautiful view over the city. At the base of the mountain you will find the Ain Al Fada resort and Green Mubazarrah that has hot springs forming a lake, a relaxation spot after a long day hiking.Jabal_hafeet_shahinIn terms of luxury accommodation Al Ain really has some great hotels. Hilton Al Ain, Ayla Hotel, Hili Rayhaan by Rotana and Danat Al Ain Resort are all 5 star hotels with great ambient, pools, spas and friendly staff ready to cater to all of your needs. al ain rotanaWhen it comes to food, in Al Ain you can find some delicious food that ranges from traditional Arabic food, Lebanese, Chinesse and Indian. Most of the hotels have restaurants with a variety of specialties. Al Areesh and Coriander are two of the best restaurants in town but on n Khalifa Street you can find some other good restaurants. There are plenty of places where you can eat vegetarian food, so vegetarians will have a great time eating in Al Ain.

Alcohol is served in all the important hotels but it’s illegal to be under the influence on the street. Al_Ain_Rotana-Al_Ain-Restaurant-11-79960And if you want to shop, you have 3 main malls: Al Ain Mall, Al Jimi Mall and Al Bawadi Mall. Besides malls you have a a ladies’ specialty shopping center called Arabia Center where you can find clothing and accessories for women and children. Arabia Center