Abu Dhabi Yacht Club

If you love sailing and the sea, the Abu Dhabi Yacht club and sailing school is the place to be. Enjoy all the water sports that you love and then head down to the nightclub for a fun night with friends.


If you love the sea and especially if you love sailing and you are near Abu Dhabi, you should check out the Corniche. It’s a beautiful area along the sea that stretches out to about 8 kilometers. It’s a very lively road filled with parks, cycling areas, pathwalks, cafes and restaurants. Corniche is also home of the Abu Dhabi Yacht Club.

Corniche has up to 50,000 visitors every month, it’s a very popular space among the toursts and the residents. Being close to some major hotels like The Emirates Palace Hotel and the important shops like The Marina Mall, the beaches are very appreciated. Not only that but it has the coveted Blue Flag status, meaning that the water is very clean and safe to bathe in. So this is truly a beautiful area.Abu-Dhabi_CornicheThe Royal Yacht Association has its own beach that extends on 100 meters in the Corniche road.  The Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club has a lot to offer to those that have a passion for the sea. It even has classes for those interested in learning how to sail so this place is just perfect if you want to get started in any activity related to the sea.

The Abu Dhabi Yacht club was opened in 2011 and it a place where traditional sailing is kept alive along side the modern technologies and improvements in this field. The club is host for a multitude of water sports including dhow sailing, yachting, dinghy sailing, surfing, rowing and even kayaking. They also offer a sailing and rowing school in cooperation with local schools, universities and the government. The_Corniche_as_seen_from_the_Marina_Mall,_Abu_DhabiThe club also has all the infrastructure and all the facilities necessary for the development of water sports and recreations in the area. It also has all the means to host different events to help connect with other yacht clubs and improve connections between those passionate about sailing. A great place for families too, giving them a place to socialize and bond while enjoying all the activities related to the sea.

The Abu Dhabi Yacht Club is also a very famous club and restaurant located in the Intercontinental  Hotel, very close to the Corniche Road. Here you can enjoy a night out with friends in the best atmosphere. They have a very special selection of international cocktails, especially Asian and very good music with the best DJ’s in town. They also serve delicious food and even have unlimited sushi and sashimi every Tuesday, a very popular offer among the tourists. abu dhabi yacht club and bar