Abu Dhabi Luxury Furniture

In Abu Dhabi everything is about luxury, and when we talk about luxury furniture, here is the capital of it.

Abu Dhabi Luxury Furniture | Gulf Luxury

In Abu Dhabi everything is about luxury, and when we talk about luxury furniture, here is the capital of it.

There is something about a room in which you feel comfortable, there is peace and calmness. But when you’re in a room which makes you feel like a queen, or a king and everywhere you look you see opulence and greatness, that room it might be a room decorated in Abu Dhabi.

We are already used with the idea that luxury is a focused point when we are talking about Abu Dhabi, from restaurants to houses, gardens and drinks everything is bright and magnificent. Of course furniture is the decoration sparkle which makes everything look so imposing and impressive, because it is meant to make you feel this way.

Abu Dhabi is one of the cities which made itself a repute of being one of the luxury commercial capitals. Most of the traders which promote premium brands wish to expand in Abu Dhabi because the luxury market is one of the greatest and it sells only the finest furniture made from the materials of the highest quality.

Best designers of the world are selected to decorate the most distinguished buildings, here we can remember Zanaboni, an extraordinary manufacturer of luxury Italian furniture. Zanaboni decorated some of the rooms of the Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace. Having the opportunity to decorate one of the biggest luxury building projects in the entire world it sure puts you on the first stage.

The designer Zanaboni affirms that he can only work with those who have exquisite tastes and phenomenal visions. He brings a flavor of Italian sensitivity in what he creates and combines it with luxury visions, always working with masters of gold carpets. He uses a technique which is in his family from generations because he wants quality to be the first characteristic of his creations.

“Each of our products is effectively tailor-made for the client. We work with craftsmen who have been with us for decades,”
“When clients visit our workshops they can see how many skills, how many craftsmen, are involved in creating each individual piece.”

This is what Zanaboni said about his work of achieving art of luxury. There is a certainty when you arrive in Abu Dhabi, the place where you will sleep, it will be designed in order for you to feel the king or queen of that room. Luxury furniture, great views, extraordinary food. Here is Heaven!