A Glimpse at the Most Expensive Apartment in Monaco

Monaco redefines luxury with extreme luxury!

penthouse monaco

The most expensive apartment in Monaco is also known as the world’s most expensive apartment so I think we are ready for some luxury don’t we?

I think it would be nice too see what makes this apartment raise so many voices among wealthy people.

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Call it a dreamy penthouse, call it a castle, call it simple apartment, after you see it you’ll know nothing more than that you want it. Located in new Odeon Tower this apartment comes with waterslide, privat chauffeur and caterer.Well, all these luxurious details have a price and the future owner will have to pay £240MILLION. It is funny that after you see it, you won’t think is that expensive anymore.

expensive apartament
Photo Credit Tour Odeon
  • Luxury flat is at the top of a skyscraper in Monaco overlooking the Med
  • The multi-storey penthouse is located in Tour Odéon, a 560ft tower
  • It will be the coastline’s second tallest building when it is completed

There is no doubt that only a multi-millionaire will afford to enjoy the splendor of this five-floor marvel with a monstrous infinity pool and its own slide. This unbelievably luxurious apartment offers the most fabulous view of the Mediterranean.

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  • Luxurious detail: Its infinity pool has a slide attached at the penthouse
luxurious apartment
Photo Credit: Odeon

This impressive building comes with its own facilities like a health centre, multiple swimming pools, like you would want to ever leave your owns, and you also have an in-house caterer. This building is like a careful mother who wants to offer her children 24/7 concierge services and a private chauffeur. Despite being so luxurious, the penthouse we are talking about today, is beyond the luxury of this building, it is such called extreme luxuryy.A millionaire would look at it like it would be a playground for grown ups.

  • Luxurious detail:All the flats in the building were specially designed for those wealthy people unaffected by the recession.
luxurious penthouse
Photo Credit Odeon

A little thing about Tour Odeon which I find interesting is the fact that, is the first new skyscraper which has been built in Monaco since the 1980. It houses 70 marvelous majestic super sized flats.

  • Luxurious detail:The view given by the Tour Odeon it is something described only in fairy tales. The clear and crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Sea seem to call for you.
luxurious flat
Photo Credits Odeon

James Price from Knight Frank, which is responsible for selling the flats and the penthouse in Tour Odéon, said:

‘These duplexes and the penthouse are set to catch the eye of those looking for the very best properties across the world’s leading markets.’

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In the present only 18 flats were sold and the penthouse still waits for her beloved owner.

  • Luxurious detail:This building has become the most exclusive sought-after addresses on the Mediterranean.