5 Luxurious Private Islands that you can rent

Amazing islands that can be yours during your vacation.

Luxurious Private Islands

If you want a vacation in a place where you won’t be bothered by anyone, a place where you can go with your closest friends or family and enjoy the highest level of luxury, you might want to consider renting a Private Island. Maybe you love the island life but can’t afford to buy one for yourself but you can definitely rent one, there are actually many islands to choose from. These are just 5 of the most luxurious private islands that you can rent for your next vacation.

  1. Calivigny Island in Grenada can be all yours for $124,000 a night. The island has 80 acres, 6 beautiful beaches, two large villas and three luxurious cottages. The residences can accommodate 50 people. When you rent the island you will also get maids, private chefs, security guards and all the deluxe features you need. An amazing destination for a vacation with friends that you will never forget.  luxlife-travel-calivigny-island-calivigny-island-an-stunning-etnic-decoration-hotel-from-caribbean.
  2. Six Senses Resort, Laamu, Maldives is a true paradise. You will have available 15 bedrooms with king sized beds and plenty of space, luxurious furniture, hot tubs and even a wine cellar. You also have a full staff that includes a maid, chef, security and even a butter, all this in a selection of luxurious villas with an amazing view. You can also have access to a 173-foot yacht if you want to explore the soundings of the island. Six Senses Resort, Laamu, Maldives
  3. Musha Cay in Bahamas’ Exuma Cay is actually owned by the world famous illusionist David Copperfield, he bought the island in 2006 and he paid $50 million for it back then. Now this 150-acre island is a luxurious destinations for the rich and famous. You and 23 of your friends can rent the whole island for $57,000 a night. There are five separate houses on the island with a lavish English colonial interior. There’s plenty of activities you can do here, such as tennis, jet ski, yachting and a romantic dinner on the beach.Musha Cay Bahamas
  4. Seagrape Cottage, Little Thatch Island, Virgin Islands. The ideal place for a romantic vacation or maybe a private honeymoon. The island has a villa that you can rent for $914 per night. It only has one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchen but you have a barbecue area and some amazing views. You can enjoy a lovely vacation having your meals on the deck, sailing and just relaxing in this peaceful atmosphere. Seagrape Cottage, Little Thatch Island, Virgin Islands5. Melody Key, Florida. The villa on this beautiful island starts at $1,250 a night with a 6 night minimum stay. It can accommodate a maximum of 10 people in the 4 suites with some breathtaking views of the ocean. There’s also a heated pool available, massage services and an observation deck. The property has a solar power system making it eco friendly. Melody Key