2015 Best Smart Watches

Watch out at the best 2015 smart watches which were already launched.


Because we saw what Samsung managed to create I decided to learn about the best smart watches of 2015 and see what has each of them the best.

There are so many incredible smart watches to choose these days.Some with Android Wear army other like latest Samsung Gear S2, or the Apple Watch. 

All watches which will be presented are already available in stores so if you decide which one is the best for you wait no more. Be also ready for some other watches which will be soon launched.

Referring to Android Wear front the prices for Huawei Watch and the Asus ZenWatch 2 are known and the Tag Heuer’s debut smartwatch will be on sale in November with the price of $1,400. It was assembled in Switzerland with an Intel processor, Wareable and the Android Wear device features upgradeable hardware components.

Sony SmartWatch 3: This SmartWatch is highly envied by the rivals because of its built-in GPS connectivity that allows you to leave you phone at home when you go for a run.It has sportish styling is perfect for weekend jogs and because of its screen little dull and the latest Android Wear update it can be paired with wireless headphones for beats on the go. The Steed Edition is full of class and elegance.

sony smartwatches gulf luxury

Apple Watch: This watch comes in two sizes and it is a unisex watch. Its quality is extraordinary, it has a footprint of both the 38 mm and 42 mm watch which is actually smaller than people expected. This watch express wearability and offers you the pleasure to wear a smart watch.

apple smart watches gulf luxury

Omate Racer:Powered by Apple, Goodle and Co this watch uses real-time notification.It is one the most polished watch ever created but anyone can procure this interesting watch. It won’t disappoint you.

omate racer smart watches gulf luxury

Pebble Time Steel: This watch is famous for its long lasting battery which can go for 10 days. It is thicker than the plastic brethren and it makes you feel comfortable.

peblle smart watches gulf luxury

LG Watch Urbane:This watch is voted as the most stylish smart watch with a silver or gold model very eye catching. It looks exactly like a traditional time pieces. Of course its price reflects its beauty: $1,200.

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Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap:Features three different classic watches, with an OLED screen built right into the strap. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone to display class,text and notification.