10 Business Travel Essentials for Men

These are 10 things you need to take with you on your business trip

Business Travel Essentials

For the modern business man, trips related to their work are very common. Either you go on a 2 day trip or a week, there are some business travel essentials that you might want to consider packing with you. This way you simplify the process and your trip will be as comfortable as possible leaving you to focus on the reason you are there and not on the packing.

  1. The suitcase should be a size that fits your necessities and the duration of the stay, a small carry-on and even a duffel-bag will be sufficient for a short trip, you can opt for a bigger version if your trip is longer. carryon
  2. The suit (or suits) that you bring with you should be from a natural fabric that breaths, like stretch wool, this will make you feel more comfortable.
  3. At least two dress shirts for a short trip, make sure they are a good quality that allows movement and at the same time look good.
  4. A few ties. Choose something simple and classy and coordinate them with your socks, this way you can quickly create an outfit for a business meeting or for a formal evening. suit_travel
  5. Shoes. The most important aspect of the shoes is the comfort, chose a shoe that is a mix between casual and business this way you have more versatility and don’t have to carry that much stuff.
  6. Personal care items. Only bring the stuff that is not offered by the hotel, make sure to check beforehand because knowing what not to pack is just as important. Bring you favorite perfume and try to get travel sizes for all items.Main Men 1600x700
  7. First aid essentials. Bring some pain relievers, band aids and antihistamines if you have allergies, having these thinks at hand is more practice that running in the middle of the night to search for a pharmacy.
  8. Wallet, money and credit cards. Keep there items as safe as possible, preferably in a hidden pocket. Another great idea is to keep high resolution scans on your phone from your ID, Passport, driver’s license and credit cards.
  9. Gadgets. don’t forget your phone, tablet and laptop and their chargers. These are very important because you can use your phone as a GPS, keep your boarding passes and all the information about your trip. You also might want to bring a power adapter kit to make sure you can charge your devices anywhere. Travel Essentials - Gadgets
  10. Entertainment. for the long hours in the plane or hotel room, reading a book is great way to relax and get your mind off of things. You can also bring your favorite CD or even a game.