10 Private Islands for sale under $300.000

These Islands have a pretty decent price and they are a great investment

Private Island

If your dream is to own a private island, now it’s possible. We have a list of islands that can be bought for a pretty decent price, a price that is under $300.000. That’s a pretty good deal. These islands are perfect for building your dream house or even a small resort. If you have the money and patience you can build some beautiful villas and then rent the whole island to rich tourists. Most private islands can be found in Canada but you can still find good deals in warmer areas. These private islands have a great potential:

  1. Sweet Island, British Columbia, Canada: Price: $82,900. A small 3 acre island with a nice name and in a peaceful area. It already has a house built that needs some work done but overall, the area offers beaches, fishing, water sports and winter sports.
  2.  Lark Caye, Belize, Central America: Price $175,000. This Island has 2.2 acres and its located in a beautiful space. 15 minutes from the closest village, cell reception, 800 feet of beach side and amazing views. Ideal for a small resort.
  3. Staff Island, Ireland: Price $193,000. This a 10 acres of wooded land but with enough space among the trees to build a house or a resort. It’s close to civilization and at the same time it offers privacy.
  4. Hangover Island, Florida, United States: Price $200,000. This is a rather big island, it has 40 acres and was an old Indian location. It is only one hour away from Tampa and 2 hours from Orlando.
  5. Little Gaulding Cay, Bahamas, Caribbean. Price: $275,000. As expected, for a private island in the Bahamas you have to pay a little bit extra. This island only has 2 acres and it’s an ideal place for a private vacation home in seclusion.
  6. The Old Mill Brazil, South America. Price: $247,629. A 12 acres peninsula with untouched land. Ideal for a Eco-resort (a plan for a hotel is available). Accessible by boat or land and only 15 minutes from the town and harbor.
  7. Isla Alhambra, Brazil: Price $247,000. 9 acres of tropical heaven. Lots of beaches, crystal waters and palm trees. Very close to the beautiful city of Itacare.
  8. Bay Island, Michigan, United States. Price: $295,000. This small island only has 1,75 acres but has a two bedroom cabin, a deck and a storage shed. This are gives the possibility of lots of water sports and winter activities.
  9. South Saddle Caye, Belize, Central America. Price: $300,000.2.30 acres of a private Caribbean island with lots of potential. Beautiful beaches, blue waters and corals, what more can you ask.
  10. Frigate Caye, Belize, Central America. Price: $225,000. Another island in Belize, this one has 1.41 acres and it’s perfect for building a private residence or even an exclusive resort for small gatherings or for couples.