10 Luxury Gifts for your male Boss


If you are a lucky person who has a friendly and dedicated boss you have to show him your consideration and respect and at special occasions such as his birthday, or his wife is having a baby, or he won a prize or anything that offers you the chance to show him your appreciation, buy him a stylish gift, elegant and luxurious gift,

You have to know the limits when it’s about a gift you give to your boss you can’t just buy him flowers or chocolate, at least not ordinary chocolate. Your boss deserves an elegant gift which expresses power.

If I were in this position I would take into consideration a bottle of one of the most expensive and fastidious whiskys. I would opt for a bottle of  64 Year Old Macallan $460,000. This whiskey shows class and exuberance. The bottle is fabricated from Lalique crystal and was especially designed for men of power.


If you know that your boss doesn’t drink, even though this bottle of whiskey you keep it for design, I would consider an elegant  Christian Lacroix Fantasy Pattern tie which looks incredible at a suit. This is a 100% silk tie designed by the famous French fashion designer Chirstian Lacroix reaching a $1,150 price. The quality of the silk is unbelievable and the cut is perfect.


Because elegance is something very important in the closet of a man of power, you could also opt for a Stefano Ricci belt, Eagle Buckle Matte Croc Belt, at the price of £ 1,955,00. This gift  will surely impress your boss, because expresses style and knowledge. In this manner you show your boss that you are a person of taste and you consider him as well.


Theo Fennell Gold Whip Cufflinks £1,850.00 are the perfect gift if your boss is getting married or has to attend an extremely important conference. They are elegant, luxurious and every men would appreciate such an expensive gift.


If your boss goes in a business voyage and he is very excited because he knows that important matters will be discussed there, you can calm him down and show your confidence in him by giving him a Burberry Newburg Briefcase £1,250.00 which is very comfortable and easy to handle, expresses masculinity and power and it is a perfect gift.


I would also like to think that my boss is a very intelligent guy who once in a while likes to relax by having a strategic game with his friends and that is why I would choose to give him as a gift, an Aspiral of London chess set £995.00 ,which is designed to give the feeling of luxury and good taste and of course it will be splendid as a gift, showing respect and giving the clue that you consider your boss an intelligent man.

Hammond Chess Set 1995.00

You can always pick to give him a watch. But we careful because men are very finical when it’s about watches. We already know that a watch is a reflection of you attitude and visions. You must go for a designer watch, with history and it must be high quality and most of all it can’t be extravagant. It must expresses good taste and power.


In my opinion one of the most perfect gifts for your boss must be a luxurious elegant expensive pen. I would choose a Visconti Ripple H.R.H. Fountain Pen which is the fifth on the list of most expensive pens in the World. This pen costs  $57,000.00 and it is a remarkable beautiful and elegant creation. This pen is a must for persons who want to express power and confidence. You don’t necessary need to buy this pen but if you can choose this. It is incredible.


Go simple and choose a designer wallet such as Alexander McQueen, Rib Cage Billfold Wallet, which is elegant, stylish and expresses masculinity and wealthy.


Choose a Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru  £3,379 wine and your boss will not be disappointed. This wine is heavenly delicious, it is dashing and gracious. If you choose a perfect box for it this gift will really impress your boss.



Be careful and think like a man of power. Your boss must know how much you appreciate him. Go for luxury gifts!