10 Luxury Gifts for your Female Boss


Finding a perfect gift for your boss, especially a female boss, is not a very easy task. You have to take into consideration your relationship with the boss, if it’s more friendly or strictly professional, the event for which the present is required, if it’s something important like a birthday or just a random thank you gift to show appreciation, you also have to know a bit about your boss’s tastes and dislikes. This information will make everything much more easy.

Here are 10 luxury gifts for your female boss that will work for the majority of cases.

  1. A bottle of luxurious wine is always a good choice. Even if you don’t know her favorite type, a bottle of fine wine is always useful to have for her personal use or for a gathering with friends. Or even better, a selection of the finest wines, Fine Wines of the World (£2,000.00) from Harrods is an exceptional choice.2590683
  2. A beautiful brooch is another good choice if you want to buy her some jewelry but rings and necklaces are a bit too personal. This brooch from Givenchy ($1,101.52 ) is perfect.11093168_5259786_1000
  3.  A luxurious candle makes a good gift, most women enjoy burning candles and you can impress your female boss with this Summer Lilac candle from Burberry (£295), it has 2kg and smells amazing.7b31a23c663a9e7cf7cf22ee3535f77db2ab6ff0
  4. A travel bag is something that is not only useful but also very stylish. This Moschino Bear Print Quilted Weekend Bag ($1295) is perfect for a younger boss, or just someone with a a bit of a sense of humor and style.Moschino-Quilted-Teddy-Bear-Clutch-Bag
  5. Perfume. This trio of parfumes from Roja Dove’s Aoud collection (£850.00) is a great gift because it has 3 fragrances and she can chose at least one favorite from them. 3837919