10 Luxury Cars for Sale Under $10k


How many of you wish luxury cars but because of the high price you didn’t buy it? Yes, the new models are very expensive. What about a used luxury car? You will be surprised to see how many used luxury cars are like new and affordable. Usually people who buy luxury cars don’t used them to regular as you are using your daily car. Used luxury cars have the average of millage lower than regular cars.

What if I tell you that you can buy a very clean, with low millage, luxury car for under $ 10.000?

Let’s have a look what we can find on the market:

  1. Porsche Cayenne S 4.5 V8 – 2006

This car is one of the first luxury SUV lunched on the world. Porsche decided to lunch this model in 2002 and these days if one of the most respectable luxury SUV on the market.

I found this model on the market for $9.500. It has a V8 engine powered by 8 cylinders. The engine produces 340HP and accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 5.3s. The millage is only 92.000km, that means almost 10.000km/year which is under the average.

The interior is very clean and has a lot of options: power leather racing seats, moon roof, climate control, navigation, premium audio system, premium wheels, etc.

  1. Range Rover Vogue HSE 4.4L 2006

A nice SUV from 2006 with a lot of options has the price around $10k. With a smart negotiation for sure you can have this car for less than $10.000. This Range Rover from 2006 has a very powerful engine 4.4L. This is for sure a good deal: the car impose respect and it’s very big. It’s enough for a big family.

3.Mercedes Benz S500 2005

We have found this beautiful black Mercedes Benz S500 from 2005. It’s an 10 years old luxury car, but the millage is low: only 87.000km. If 10 years back this car cost more than $100.000, now you can buy it for 10 times less. It cost only $9.200. The car looks stunning and at this price is a great deal.

4. Jaguar XJ 2004

What can I say about this car? I always like British cars for their style. This Jaguar is one of the top luxury cars of the year 2004. Has a powerful engine 4.2L which produce 400HP. It comes with electric memory seats, cruise control, navigation, TV, touchscreen display, and rear screens with auxiliary controls in the rear armrest for entertainment unit. I love this car…and it’s not expensive. It’s in our budget: $10.000. For sure I can negotiate a better price.

5. Porsche Boxter 2005

A sporty convertible car especially the summer days are approaching. A dream car for any of us. As a used car you will find one for $9.700.

This beautiful Boxter has a 3.2L S engine which produce 266HP and accelerate from 0-100km/h in 5.7s. Enough to impress, right? You will find also power leather racing seats and a lot of options inside of this car.

6. BMW 760Li – 2006

Yes, we all dream at 7 series from BMW. Now you can have the top of the 2006 model in long version. The car looks stunning: clean interior, big engine and a lot of options. We like white luxury cars with big wheels. You will find this car on the market for almost $10.000.

7. AUDI A8l V8 4.2l – 2006

Audi always produce luxury cars and chase their german rivals from BMW and Mercedes. This model from 2006 is a beautiful and powerful car. Has an 4.2 litter engine which produce more than 400HP. The interior is a premium one: leather, technology and a lot of style. You will find this car on the market for almost $10.000.

 8. Infinity FX35 – 2006

Infinity has produced a very nice car and many of you consider this model FX  a luxury car. However, this car has a lot of options, it looks stunning, impose respect and for sure the black model it looks very robust.

We found many options of the market for $10.000 but I think this one looks better than others. Maybe many of you will chose this model due the low maintenance costs. This Infinity FX35 it can fit to young people, but also we think can be used as a family car.


9. Mercedes Benz SL500 – 2004

If you like sports cars and you want to be also a convertible one, then this Mercedes Sl500 is the perfect choice. Has low millage, only 90k,the engine is very powerful and it come with a lot of options.

Even if this car has 11 years, it still looks good and still can impress. There are just a few on the market. The prices stars from $8.000, but one from pictures costs $9.000.


10. Maserati Quattroporte 2005

WOW…look at this Maserati Quattroporte from 2005. This is a sport luxury car designed by italian creator of a lot of beautiful cars: Pininfarina. The name of the car means “four doors”. This car has only 88.000km and it cost almost $10.000. This is the fifth generation of Quattroporte which has been lunched in September 2003.

The engine is a V8 4.2 litter, produce 400HP and accelerate from 0-100km/h in 5.2 seconds. This is a real italian beast. Look at the pictures:

Note: Most of the cars are from Dubizzle UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).