10 Interesting Movie Theaters

These cinemas are absolutely breathtaking

Sci-Fi Dine In-House Restaurant, Walt Disney Studio, Florida

There’s always a special feeling while seeing a movie at the cinema, the people, the atmosphere the food. But there are some cinemas in the world that go beyond that cosy feeling, these amazing movie theaters are the best places to watch your favorite movies, just make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show:

  1. Archipelago Cinema, Kudu Island, Thailand is an open air movie theater but not your average open air, this cinema floats on the waters of a Thai lagoon. rchipelago Cinema, Kudu Island, Thailand
  2. Kino Kalaja Cinema, Prizren, Kosovo. Besides the movies, this cinema ives the guests a beautiful panoramic view of Prizren during the DokuFest.Kino Kalaja Cinema, Prizren, Kosovo
  3. Amante Beach Club Cinema, Ibiza, Spain. This open air cinema has a view of Sol D’en Serra bay and the most comfortable settings. Bean beds, candlelight and cool drinks. A relaxing experience in a special atmosphere.Amante Beach Club Cinema, Ibiza, Spain
  4. Travel through time at the Sci-Fi Dine In-House Restaurant, Walt Disney Studio, Florida. This cinema will take you back to the glorious 50’s. You will be in a drive-in cinema, seated in some classic cars while watching classic movies. You can also order ribs, french fries and drinks. Sci-Fi_Dine-In_Theater_interior_by_hyku
  5. Edible Cinema Experience, London, United Kingdom is a very interesting concept. Basically the viewers will have a selection of foods and drinks that are matched to certain parts in the movie. Everyone has numbered boxes and a signal on the screen will tell you which box to open. This is diner and a movie in one place. Edible Cinema Experience, London, United Kingdom
  6. Open Air, Vienna, Austria, also known as ”Cinema under the Stars” is a cinema open for everyone, with a friendly environment and the view of the Karlskirche Church. Open Air, Vienna, Austria
  7. St. George OpenAir Cinema, Sydney, Australia is one of the most beautiful open air cinemas in the world. With the Opera House as backdrop, you can enjoy not only the movie but for a VIP ticket you also have a dinner table.St. George OpenAir Cinema, Sydney, Australia
  8. Hot Tub Cinema, Screened Globally. You can find this cinema in Manchester, New York, Bristol, London, Birmingham and Ibiza. You can get a private tub together with a maximum of 5 friends and enjoy a soak during the movie, you also have waiters that can bring you drinks. Hot Tub Cinema, Screened Globally
  9. Velvet Class, Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta, Indonesia is probably one of the most comfortable movie theaters in the world because you get to stay in a sofa bed while enjoing your movie.Velvet Class, Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta, Indonesia
  10. Arena, Pula, Croatia, will make you feel like you are in Ancient Rome watching some gladiator fights.Arena, Pula, Croatia